Streetlights, People! Productions presents a new production of Adam Gwon's musical 'Ordinary Days'. This revival originally premiered on 30th October 2016 at the Hen & Chickens Theatre, London.

In May 2017, the production transferred to the London Theatre Workshop for a limited run, after which  it found new heights at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, charming critics and audiences alike.

For its fourth run Ordinary Days LDN will transfer to the The Drayton Arms Theatre from November 21 to December 9 as the winners of the Eddies 2017 Kensington Award!

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Ordinary Days follows the parallel lives of four New Yorkers struggling to find meaning in the madness: Claire, who can't let go of her past; Jason, determined to begin their future together; Warren, an artist who's lost his sense of purpose; and Deb, a student who's lost her thesis notes. It is a witty, poignant, and ultimately very relatable story about human connection and finding beauty in unexpected places. New York Times reviewer Charles Isherwood wrote that "Ordinary Days... captures with stinging clarity that uneasy moment in youth when doubts begin to cloud hopes for a future of unlimited possibility."




Production Gallery

at Hen & Chickens Theatre

These stills feature the actors Emily Lynne as Claire, Alistair Frederick as Jason, Nora Perone as Deb and Neil Cameron as Warren, the director Jen Coles and the musical director Rowland Braché.

Production Gallery

at London Theatre Workshop

These stills feature the actors Kirby Hughes as Claire, Alistair Frederick as Jason, Nora Perone as Deb and Neil Cameron as Warren.